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Franchise Profitable Services

Diversify your business' revenue streams with a range of profitable services beyond billing.
Expand the service model from billing to other profitable services needed today by every single practice.

  • Medical Billing
  • Webinars
  • EHR
  • MIPS
  • Credentialing
  • Practice Consultation
  • Coding
  • Eligibility Tool
  • Publications
  • Chart Audit

5 steps to start your own business from $24,999

Meet WCH Team to Learn about Business Model
Request and Review FDD to start Signing Process
Application and Approval of Business Ownership
Financial Approval
Open your WCH Service Bureau
1 Meet WCH Team to Learn about Business Model
2 Request and Review FDD to start Signing Process
3 Application and Approval of Business Ownership
4 Financial Approval
5 Open your WCH Service Bureau

Unveiling the business process

Start-up training & business set-up

We will teach your staff to work with our software and conduct all business processes

Receive Practical Experience for each service

Learn how to navigate each service with your client

Identify specialty & territory target

Chose medical billing specialties and marketing territory to start your client search

sign first clients

Get your first several clients while working from home. In the first 6-8 months open physical location

Income Formula for Billing:

Guaranteed Income Formula for Billing:

Practice Monthly Income
6-8% Billing Rate
Your Monthly Income

Choose specialty

to determine practice monthly income and calculate your revenue
Speciality # of Claims Total paid 6% *
Urologist 719 $105,675.00 $6,340.00
PCP 391 $34,722.00 $2,083.00
Psychiatrist 451 $32,087.00 $1,924.00
Radiologist 344 $328,252.00 $19,695.00
Optometrist 575 $93,019.00 $5,581.00
Cardiologist 519 $101,581.00 $6,094.00

Key Benefits of WCH Medical Billing Franchise

We have over +20 years of experience in medical billing, credentialing, medical software and will provide you with successful Revenue Cycle Management.

Work with Medical professionals nationwide

Embrace the national reach of our franchise, with dedicated territories and specialties.


* DISCLAIMER: Please note that all of these indicators are approximate and average. WCH does not make any representations about a franchisee's future financial performance or the past financial performance of company-owned or franchised outlets. The information contained in this material is for general recommendation purposes only and is not intended to provide specific professional financial or legal advice, nor to constitute a "standard of action" for potential franchisees, and should not be used as a basis for making business decisions. WCH accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from action taken, or not taken, in reliance on information or materials contained on the recommendation or otherwise provided by WCH.

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