Medical Billing Franchise

Unique Franchise Opportunity

Start your own medical billing business on a
rapidly-growing market!

Why WCH medical billing franchise?

Since 2001 WCH has been a
leading company in the Medical
Billing market for large and small
medical groups and practitioners.

Our professional identity, quality,
variety of service, and unique
approach to customer care sets us
apart from other companies.

We are recognized by federal
insuranse programs such us
Medicare and Medicaid.

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WCH Service Bureau is a treasure for those seeking to build & boost up their business quickly. For over two decades, we have gained experience in the medical billing, credentialing, and medical software industries. Now we are ready to share our expertise with those who are making their first steps in the medical billing industry, or to those who want to get their medical billing business to a new level.

WCH franchise is more than just a medical billing franchise for sale. It is a fully operational best medical billing franchise tailored for your needs and expertise. We do not care about your prior experience in the field – our training will guide you through each process that you would soon make money from, regardless of your knowledge of the industry. According to our estimates, a franchisee can earn up to $ 200,000 in the initial year, provided that a business attracts at least two new clients per month. Our estimates show that it is possible to earn up to $500,000 in subsequent years.

Why choose us?

Expertise. WCH Service Bureau is involved in nearly every aspect of healthcare reimbursement.

High demand.Our Franchise allows you to constantly expand your business since the need for good medical billing and credentialing will never cease to exist.

Diversity.WCH Franchise provides healthcare practitioners with an all-inclusive package of medical billing, credentialing, auditing, and MIPS support.

  • Constant customer support from us
  • Custom software packages for business automation
  • Mentorship from our billing and credentialing specialists
  • Marketing tools (brand, concept, website)
  • Maintenance at all stages of building and running your medical billing and coding franchise
  • An ability to stay “remote” during the initial inception period – we do not require an office to be opened instantly.

Ideal candidate

We would be happy to work with passionate US-registered entrepreneurs who are looking for ready-made medical billing franchise opportunities.


WCH Service Bureau was founded in New York in 2001. Our company has emerged because of solid demand for a reliable practice management service among medical professionals. We have grown from an average billing company to a multiservice organization providing billing, credentialing, coding, chart auditing, customized medical software solutions, as well as education and training.

Training and support

We are constantly in touch with our franchisees within a 60-day startup period. During this inception period, we install & configure our software & train you on how to work with it. Besides, we also provide consultations & assistance on various aspects and create a website for you. All this can help you to run your medical billing and coding business franchise with the most profit.

We install & instruct our franchisees on our software:

- PMBOS – an all-encompassing medical billing software

- CredyApp – a unique tool to manage your clients’ enrollment processes

- iSmartEHR – a sophisticated and easy-to-use electronic health records system

- Time Management - #1 tool to set & measure the effectiveness of your workflow

Ready to realize your entrepreneurial spirit with our established business model? WCH Franchise is your guide to starting a steady & reliable enterprise in a swiftly growing industry. Do not wait – contact us!

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We provide you with an innovative and
successful Revenue Cycle Management
(RCM) business model including

  • Medical Billing
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Audit Services
  • MIPS Support


A strong brand with high growth potential
Ready-to-use business model
Increased efficiency with fully customizable
Software package
Marketing Support
Technical and other support
Business development assistance
Individual support by Certified Specialists
Online and off-line training on using the Software
Full documentary supply for a successful
organization of work-flows

$24,999 and 5 steps
for start up

the best solution to start your business



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