Frequently Asked Questions

About WCH Service Bureau

We at WCH do not have a time commitment. You are free to choose how long you would like to be with us. In the case your contract expires we have ZERO renewal fees, and the process is very easy!

WCH offers assistance in signing clients, but we do not provide clients directly. Clients come to you because of our history and the quality of work that we provide.

Thanks to WCH's impeccable training curriculum you are ready to start in just 2 months!

We are a national franchise with locations in Florida, California, Washington, and Connecticut. These franchisees are operating within specific territories so even in these states, there is still an opportunity to join us!

To become a WCH franchisee, you will need $24,999 initial franchise fee as well as additional funds to obtain the necessary equipment, office furniture, stationery supply, and other business-related items. WCH is always willing to work out different plan payments to accommodate the needs of new franchisees.

Yes, we will work with you on all aspects of your business to ensure a successful collaboration.

You can easily reset your password through Account Settings page.

WCH’s royalties are 7%-10% of your clients revenue.

The franchise package includes services that serve medical practices, such as medical billing, provider credentialing, medical auditing, and MIPS support!

WCH allows the franchisee to work from home for the first 6-8 months while they sign clients and obtain a physical location for their WCH office. After this period, they must work out of that office location.

Please note that our iSmatrEHR and CredyApp software products utilize cloud technology. Therefore, any computer equipped with a browser and Internet access is sufficient to operate these software products. In regards to our PMBOS software, it is designed to run on Windows operating system. However, if you wish to use a Mac, it is possible to run our applications through a remote connection to a Windows server.